A winning team !

Our team of local experts to answer all your questions.

The Haut Pays Bigouden Team

Hold onto your hat ! Freewheel on your bike down the hill to Trunvel on the Véloroute

Gwenaëlle LE COZ - Directrice de l’Office de Tourisme du Haut Pays Bigouden

Enjoy ! Going for a swim at Canté beach during my lunchbreak

Gaëlle MAZINGUE - Chargée de communication

Enjoy ! Watching the ballet of surfers riding the big waves at Penhors

Rosita GNOHITE - Conseillère en séjour & Commerciale

Hold on to your hat ! Go to a fest-noz (Breton music and dance evening)

Régine CARADEC - Conseillère en séjour et Référente meublés

The Pays Bigouden Sud Team

Enjoy ! Going for an early morning stroll along the Pont-l'Abbé river.

Agnès LE MAÎTRE - Directrice générale de l’Office de Tourisme du Pays Bigouden Sud

Enjoy ! Bird-watching on the Pont l'Abbé river from the GR34 hiking path between Loctudy and Pont-l’Abbé

Anne CHAFFRON - Responsable Pôle coordination

Enjoy ! Eating oysters from Le Guilvinec market for Sunday lunch

Mary GUEGUEN - Responsable Pôle conseil/qualité

Enjoy ! A shopping trip to Pont-l'Abbé

Eva CLÉRET - Responsable Pôle promotion/marketing

Hold on to your hat ! A walk by the Bay of Audierne in winter

Nathalie HOUSSAIS - Responsable Pôle développement/ressources

Enjoy ! A riverside walk in Pont-l’Abbé

Anne-Sophie LE ROUX - Conseillère en séjour & Chargée des loueurs

Enjoy ! Fishing for velvet crabs in Loctudy

Tangi HOURMAND - Conseiller en séjour & Référent partenaires

Hold on to your hat ! Watch the fishing boats landing their catch at Le Guilvinec at 16.30, all-year-round

Hélène RIEN - Conseillère en séjour & en charge des socioprofessionnels et des animations

Enjoy ! Having a coffee outside a café-bar in Sainte-Marine during my lunch break

Sophie PEUZIAT - Conseillère en séjour & Community manager

Enjoy ! Having a drink outside a bar overlooking the harbour at Kerity, all-year-round

Marlène GRENON - Conseillère en séjour & Coordination des animations et Reporter de territoire

Enjoy ! Eating a delicious crêpe outside a creperie in Sainte Marine

Emilie CORCUFF - Référente qualité

Hold on to your hat ! Go sea-wading all year round

Sylvie HURÉ - Conseillère en séjour & Assistante commerciale

Enjoy ! Lazing in the sun on the beach with a good book

Marie-Anne LE PRINCE - Conseillère en séjour & Référente boutique et billetteries

Hold on to your hat ! A motorbike ride to Eckmühl lighthouse

Gwendal STEPHAN - Comptable & Assistant commercial

Hold on to your hat ! Surfing in summer at La Torche

Fanny COISY - En charge de la taxe de séjour

Hold on to your hat ! Watch the ballet of seagulls flying with the wind during gales

Lucie POGNEAU - Conseillère en séjour