Zoo de Pont-Scorff

Zoo - Wildlife park at Pont-Scorff

Loi-Pont-Scorff-Zoo-Anthony-Tual-1814Anthony Tual
Loi-Pont-Scorff-Zoo-Anthony-Tual-1867Anthony Tual
Loi-Pont-Scorff-Zoo-Anthony-Tual-1919Anthony Tual
Loi-Pont-Scorff-Zoo-Anthony-Tual-1955Anthony Tual
  • The Zoo de Pont-Scorff is 12 hectares of leafy parkland with more than 600 animals of 120 different species. During a 5-hour visit, travel across the 5 continents and see giraffes, elephants, panthers, rhinoceros, monkeys, giant tortoises and majestic white lions. Discover the fantastic world of sea lions and sea birds with fun, educational shows and displays. A warm, friendly welcome in a total change of scene. Details of special prices from local Offices de Tourisme !
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