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3 bike rides for all the family

Bike ride in Pays Bigouden © E Cléret Bike ride in Pays Bigouden © E Cléret

Here's our selection of bike rides, by the sea and through the countryside : fun for all the family !

The Pays Bigouden is a flat area so it is ideal for family bike rides, without getting too tired, along safe cycle lanes and traffic-free ‘greenways’ (voies vertes). Here is our selection of enjoyable, easy rides for all the family. There are also details of bike rental firms offering bikes of all sizes, child seats and trailers.

Greenways, trails, cycle lanes, taking a bike on the ferry and even a ride on a quadracycle… everything is explained !

Loctudy to Sainte-Marine

Drop off your bikes or hire them directly in Loctudy and head for the marina to catch "Tudy", the passenger (and bike!) ferry which goes across the Pont l’Abbé River.  When you get to Ile -Tudy, cycle through the narrow lanes then follow the green and white signs for the ‘véloroute’ trail which takes you through the Combrit marshes (a conservation area) to the charming harbour of Sainte-Marine, where you can visit the Abri du Marin (the former Fishermen’s Rest) which has a special visit for children, or the pretty chapel.

Go back the way you came, stopping on the way to see an exhibition at the Napoleonic fort and coastal battery.

  • Round trip : 14 km
  • No hills
  • No cars on the path between Ile-Tudy and Sainte-Marine !
  • Bike hire available in Loctudy, child seats and trailers too

The little passenger ferry... a mini aventure !

Put the bikes on board and take the ferry past La Perdrix lighthouse and across the magnificent estuary of the Pont l’Abbé River. There's so much to see on the short ferry crossing between Loctudy and Ile-Tudy !

Every summer we take the ferry with our bikes to go for a picnic at Sainte-Marine. The children love it !

Mme Le Gall, summer resident and grandmother

A mountain bike trail with teenagers !

Among the 15 mountain bike circuits on offer in West Cornouaille, one in particular is really simple and great fun for all the family. It features (traffic-free) tracks through the countryside and a stop-off in the town Pont l’Abbé, both of which appeal to teenagers.

This circuit can be shortened so that young children can do it, so while the older ones do the complete ride, you can wait for them quietly beside L’Etang du Moulin Neuf Lake !

  • Moulin Neuf circular trail : 19km (around the lake : 7km - Transbigouden part : 6km)
  • Circuit n°3 in the 'Topoguide VTT en Ouest Cornouaille'
  • Easy to do

Mountain-biking in Bigouden... delighfully simple !

Look out for signposts ! Follow the marks shown in the photo (a triangle and 2 yellow circles). The tip of the triangle indicates which direction to go in. Mountain bike circular rides in Pays Bigouden can be done by all the family ! The trails from La Torche and Combrit go through countryside and along the coast, so you can stop to do a bit of bird-watching or visit a place of interest.

Following the 'Train Birinik'

Go for a family cycle ride along the old railway line from Le Guilvinec to Penmarc’h. In days gone by the little ‘Train Birinik’ (literally ‘limpet train’ as opposed to the ‘carrot train’ which ran inland) ran from Pont l’Abbé to the port of Saint-Guénolé via Plobannalec, Treffiagat and Le Guilvinec, often transporting lots more fish than people ! However, on market day in Pont l’Abbé around 500 people used to climb aboard, although the number of places was limited to 200 !

Nowadays, the old railway line is part of the ‘véloroute littorale’ coastal cycle path. Eckmühl lighthouse and maritime discovery centre is a great place to visit for all ages and the little harbour at Kérity is a perfect place to stop off for a snack overlooking the sea.

  • Circular ride 16km
  • Cars on some parts of the trail
  • Bike hire at Penmarc'h and Le Guilvinec
  • For something a little different : hire a quadracycle for all the family at Saint-Pierre, Penmarc’h.


Great... Let's follow the 'Train Birinik' !

A ride along the old Birinik railway line is a journey back in time and off the beaten track. It follows a cycle lane through the town centre then picks up the railway line to the north of Kérity. With the lighthouse in the distance ride through the tranquil La Joie marshes, then follow the green and white signs marked with a bike along the ‘Véloroute littorale’ coastal cycle path.

Pays Bigouden is perfect for bike rides as there are lots of traffic-free paths ! Very safe for children !

Anne Boucher, regular visitor to Penmarc’h and self-confessed mother hen !