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Have a gourmet break !

Eating kouigns in Pays Bigouden -© E Cléret Eating kouigns in Pays Bigouden -© E Cléret

From salted butter caramel to kouigns and typical desserts, discover our signature cakes

Lichoux and lichouses*, Welcome to Pays Bigouden ! We’re about to make your mouths water big-style !

Brittany is well-known for its crêpes, kouign amann, palets and galettes (biscuits), Breton cake... You can find all of these in Pays Bigouden plus a delicious local speciality - kouigns !

Don’t hesitate to try all these delicious Breton and Bigouden goodies during your holiday. In addition, here are some secret recipes to make at home before or after your visit.

* a lichouserie is a sweet (and buttery) treat - a lichou is someone with a sweet tooth 

Enjoy !



Kouigns (« cakes» en Breton) are a gourmet speciality unique to Pays Bigouden. These spongy little crepes, which look like Scotch pancakes are made from a batter similar to that for crepes with the addition of baker’s yeast. Don't  be mistaken, kouigns are nothing to do with «kouign-amann», the deliciously rich pastry from the Douarnenez area. You will find kouigns at all local fetes and also in some restaurants !

Recipe :

500g plain flour / 200g caster sugar / 1  sachet vanilla sugar / 75cl semi-skimmed milk / 3 eggs / 1 pinch of salt/ ½ cube baker’s yeast

  •     Mix the flour, sugar, vanilla sugar and salt together. Make a well in the centre and add the 3 eggs.
  •     Dilute the yeast in half a glass of warm milk and add to the mixture.
  •     Add the rest of the milk gradually and mix well to obtain a smooth batter.
  •    Cover the batter and leave it to rest in a warm place for 3 – 5 hours, away from any draughts.
  •    Pour a ladle of batter into a very hot pan or onto a griddle, cook for 1 minute then turn it over.
  •    Eat with salted butter, sugar, jam, melted chocolate or lemon curd.


Sshh ! It's important to leave the batter to rest in a warm place without disturbing it !

Breton Biscuits (galettes and palets)

Breton cakes and biscuits traditionally contain a lot of butter, which makes conservation difficult. However, local bakers wrap them in sealed packets so they stay fresh and can be enjoyed all year round !

Palettes and galets are made from the same recipe. The difference is in their thickness. Palets are thicker, more crumbly and taste more buttery, whereas thin galettes are crispier.

Recipe for Breton palets

Ingredients : 2 egg yolks / 80g sugar / 80g salted butter / 140g plain flour / ½ sachet baking powder / 2 pinches sea salt

  •     Mix the egg yolks and sugar together.
  •     Add the butter, then the flour and baking powder.
  •     Crush the sea salt and add it to the mixture.
  •     Make the pastry into a large sausage and wrap it in cling film.
  •     Refrigerate for 2 hours.     
  •     Pre-heat the oven to 180°C. Cut the biscuits, put them on a baking tray and bake for 20 minutes.

 Gâteau Breton (traditional Breton cake)

A wonderful childhood memory for all Bretons, this buttery cake with its golden crust is an absolute must, either plain or with a filling. It’s so scrumptious, you can eat it at any time of day !



To cut it in the traditional way, follow the lines traced on the top to make small diamond-shaped pieces.

Martine's Breton cake

750g plain flour / 500g sugar / 500g melted butter / 1 sachet baking powder (levure chimique) / 2 sachets vanilla sugar / 9 egg yolks (8 for the dough and 1 to brush on the top) / 1 – 2 tbs rum / Small jar salted butter caramel spread / 1 pinch salt

  •  Mix together the sugar, salt, vanilla sugar, rum, egg yolks and melted butter.
  •  Add the flour and baking powder, first with a whisk, then a spatula. When the mixture leaves the sides of    the bowl, it is ready to use.
  • Separate the mixture into two equal parts.
  • Spread one half in the bottom of a baking tin and press down with your hand.  
  • Spread the caramel spread lightly over the mixture.     
  • Cover with the rest of the mixture, spread out and smooth it using the back of a spoon dipped in hot water
  • Brush with egg yolk and make a pattern on the top using a fork.
  • Cooking time : bake for ½ hour at 200°C, then lower oven temperature to 150° for another  ½ hour (time can vary according to ovens)

Bon appétit.