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Seaside walks !

A walk along the Bigouden coast© E Cleret.jpg A walk along the Bigouden coast © E Cleret.jpg

The GR34 hiking path and circular walks are a great way for hikers, walkers and nature lovers to enjoy our fresh air and gorgeous scenery !

The unspoilt coastline of Pays Bigouden makes it very popular with nature lovers, artists and photographers. There is no better way to discover the seashore, wildlife and local curiosities than by hiking or walking along the coastal footpath or on one of the circular country walks further inland.

The Bay of Audierne

Going southwards from the little harbour of Pors Poullan, the rocky coastline rapidly makes way for long sandy beaches, dunes, coastal ponds and reed beds which stretch from Plovan past Tréguennec to the Pointe de La Torche. La Torche is the only rocky headland on the Bay of Audierne and a renowned surf spot with breathtaking scenery at any time of year.

After La Torche, the landscape becomes more rugged, from the amazingly shaped rocks at Saint-Guénolé to the Etocs, a group of rocky islets off Penmarc’h where it is not unusual to meet grey seals !

Bird Reserve

The Bay of Audierne is a great place for bird watching enthusiasts, as it is home to no less than 350 species of birds which nest or migrate there. Plovers, waders and birds of prey find shelter in the reeds, which are an excellent material for nest-building. Stop off and chat with the volunteers who run the bird-ringing station at Trunvel Lake, which is also an excellent bird-watching spot.

The GR 34 hiking path

Originally made to prevent smuggling, the GR34 coastal footpath has been popular with tourists since the 1960s. In Pays Bigouden it offers a succession of exceptional panoramic views, so put on your trainers, pick up your binoculars and don’t forget your camera !

Circular walks

There are many circular walks to enjoy along the Pont l’Abbé River, around the fishing ports or through the countryside, further inland. 300km of signposted paths allow walkers to discover historic buildings and cultural curiosities of Pays Bigouden. The walks are of different lengths and degrees of difficulty so there’s something for everyone !

Planning your walks !

The Offices de Tourisme shops have a good range of maps and leaflets detailing the different walks in the area. Our expert staff are on hand to recommend the best walks to suit individual needs and wishes.