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Lazing on the beach

Lazing on the beach at Ile Tudy, Pays Bigouden-® E Cleret Lazing on the beach at Ile Tudy, Pays Bigouden-® E Cleret

Going to the beach… a time to fix your gaze on the distant horizon and feel very small in the grand scale of things.

In summer we spread out our towels, lie down and sunbathe, reading this season’s best-seller, or we play with the children (or tell them to go and play a bit further away !). It’s so relaxing and what’s more, there’s plenty of space.

In winter, well wrapped up against the cold, we walk and enjoy the silence broken only by the sound of the waves, savouring the impression that we are alone in the world… Sometimes we pick up a pretty shell or a piece of driftwood to take home as a decoration !

The beaches of Pays Bigouden Sud

On the south coast of Pays Bigouden, the beaches are not overcrowded and are sheltered from the north wind. The sea is calm and safe for younger children to swim. Some beaches have a lifeguard presence too.

At Sainte-Marine, the beaches of Pen Morvan and Kermor have splendid views across the bay to Ile-Tudy where the beaches of Le Treustel and Le Sillon also have calm, warm water.

Loctudy, has a choice of 6 family-friendly beaches, including Langoz which has lifeguards. Many visitors and locals love going to Les Sables Blancs beach with its marvellous view of the Rochers d’Inizan rocks.

In Lesconil, Plage des 4 Vents beach is in the centre of the village, near ice cream shops and cafés, but watch out for the currents at the mouth of the Ster. Goudoul cove was traditionally the place where local children learned to swim, as it was always fairly quiet. While there, look at the rocks around you and see if you can guess their names from their shape : the sleeping giant, the priest’s chair, the tortoise and the elephant.

The beaches at Léchiagat are 4.5km of sand bordered by dunes and the coastal footpath, ideal for jogging. The rocks which appear at low tide are great for rock pool fishing and jumping off !

We find the same type of beaches between Le Guilvinec and Penmarc’h. The Plage du Ster beach has lifeguards in summer. So there’s a great choice of beaches for sea wading, rock pool fishing, swimming or learning to swim, sunbathing and simply doing nothing !

The beaches on the Bay of Audierne

The Bay of Audierne is more exposed to the wind, but provided you go to the designated areas where there are lifeguards, it is quite safe to swim and have fun in the water.

The long beaches of Kermabec, Tréguennec and Ru Vein, Plovan offer magnificent panoramic views of the Bay of Audierne and inland over the coastal ponds conservation area which is home to many different birds. Because of their immensity, the vast beaches are relatively quiet even in summer, and in winter they are perfect destinations for long, bracing walks.

The surf spot of Penhors is also popular with bodyboarders. The beach has Blue Flag status for the quality of its water, the environment and facilities. It is also the site of a sand-yachting centre, an all year round, fun activity which children as young as 7 can enjoy in two-seater ‘yachts’.

Finally, further north in Plozévet lies Plage de Canté beach which also has a lifeguard presence. The waves are gentler for swimming and it’s a lovely place for a walk too.

The beach - sun, sand and lots of fun !

  • Remember to wear sun cream because the sun is very strong even if it’s windy and there are clouds in the sky.
  • Wear a mask while swimming to discover the undersea world.
  • Let your imagination run riot and do some beach ‘Land art’ with the aid of a hand rake, shells, flotsam and jetsam.
  • Have a sandcastle competition with the people next to you on the beach.
  • Check the tide tables and come to the beach when the tide is coming in, the sea is warmer as it comes up over the hot sand !
  • Learn to whistle in a winkle shell and amaze your friends !
  • For family fun bring beach boules, Mölkky, a ball or an inflatable boat